Lyrics and Music
    Synthian Sharp and Exit Ophelia

Lyrics and Music
Synthian Sharp - Vegan
Synthian Sharp - A. Meth


So this is the question posed
When you see too many things you want to change in the world
Where do you start?

Well this is the walk
And these are the steps:

It always starts with the vocals.
One fella acapella tryin not to choke holds
a deeper meaning, a harder leaning
A greater pressure up against
the ones that say we're only dreaming
of a better system a better way to live.
A harder sense of purpose with a whole lot more to give.
And if we rattle our cages
then they'll start to hear our voice,
And every person everywhere will have to make a choice, between the last revision, and a wider vision
put your world under a microscope and do the long division and this will be my anthem
this will be my hope
and I refuse to be the cattle strapped into the yoke.

Cause I believe that one voice can make a difference
But Im a member of an army that dreams.
And we will not go quietly.
Because the greater part of progress is the will to show resistance.

And theres an energy, I feel in the air,
a whole generation becoming aware,
And one by one, they're lining up in a row,
to kick a nail into the coffin of the status quo.
So I believe, we're at our strongest when our backs up against the wall.
But I believe if you divide from me, I still wont fall.
I'll be necessity's direct descendant,
I will be thankful, but I wont be dependant.
cause having a belief can make you more than just a rebel
and every single avalanche starts with a pebble.

I believe that we can manifest our own evolution.
And I believe there's a solution.

Cause this world has everything-- more than we need,
And all it takes to plant it is the seed.
But when we see a third world nation, do we just blow them a kiss?
Someone else's problem, ignorance is bliss?
And if these words be made of life, and life be made of breath,
they're asking for our help but we're ignoring them to death.
While these people are our relatives, toda familia
drop curtain. dead. drown exit ophelia

We've let it all slide for too many years,
Too many people walk the trail of tears.
Til every culture has scars they can never forget,
But if you wanna see tolerance look to Tibet.

Cause I believe in a place where the truest foundation
holds up the roof of the world.
Where the people have such strength and beauty.
We all have a duty
to every Tibetan boy, every Tibetan girl.
Cause in their Tibet little things mean everything.
The child's eye doesnt see the government leveraging.
All it sees is every possibility in sight.
And Im glad that they can still see the light.

Cause in MY Tibet when it rains, it pours.
So many bodies on so many floors.
They've all taken so many beatings the world didn't notice,
Suffered while staring at God in the homeless.
And they still see compassion thru a blindfold of lies.
I can still feel the heat from the fire in their eyes.
So when I hear, "We cant solve this"
that's where defeat lurks
and I will not be still, because this is how hope works!!
One-chance-in-a-million is more than we need
Because we're locked on our target
And were ready to bleed.
So if they wanna keep us down
They need to go to greater pains
Because our prayer flags will still be flying
Even when it fucking rains-

And then respect will be shown,
Because a nation full of people isn't something you own.
They have the right to choose, they have the right lose,
And if they do, at least they can decide on their own.
So this will be the last generation oppressed.
Cause I've already heard the heartbeat in a free Tibetan chest.
And one day, I swear' you'll hear these children say,
this is MY TIBET, and this is how we pray:


I saw a ten year old girl, at a protest on New Years Eve,
turned the corner and her sign just said "I believe"
How deep does that go?
Kid hit the core, and I want her to know,
that I am thankful for you showin' up to reach me girl.
And I am not beyond the will for you to teach me girl.
Cause I believe that there's a lesson in the simplest view,
And so if you can hear my voice, this is for you:

And for every woman staring at her unborn daughter,
And for every lamb in every country, limping to the
And for every single teacher out there voicing the plead
"Before they rewrite your history, I'll teach you to read".
And for every juvie-haller that can hear my vocation,
Just believe that you can leave and you can rock the
And for everyone in every cause that's gaining inertia~
And for every woman fighting in the senate in Persia.


And if we're gonna bleed, I say,we choose our battles.
Bleed a little smarter, scream, baby, dream harder.
You're already human! Thats the only credential,
to re-define the boundaries of our human potential.
Your mind has every thing you need to answer your prayers.
False data dropping to the ground in layers.
So embrace your humanity, let it flower
Come un-glued, and speak truth to power.

Do you wish your homophobia were legally binding,
every time you see the pretty boys, bumping and grinding?
Do you really believe that there are winners in war?
Do we really take our trophies from the blood and the gore?
And do we leash our prisoners?
Skip Miranda?
Feed my baby propaganda?
Rock big brother, on my knees,
To Drug our children's A.D.D.s?
Mandatory class division,
immigration is not a medical decision.
Tibetan children, Martial law
Blitz kreig, shock and awe.

Vocals, it always starts with the vocals.
One fella acapella tryin not to choke holds
A deeper meaning, a harder leaning
A greater pressure up against the ones that say were only
Of a, a better system A better way to live.
A harder sense of purpose with a whole lot more to give,
and If we rattle our cages then they'll ALL start to hear
And things'll start becoming clear

Now that the dissonant vibrations are settling down
Now that the anger is subsiding - I finally found
A deeper place within me,
the grace within me
To close my eyes and open up a space within me,

Where everything in all directions glows as I breathe
And I become a part of all the things I perceive
And I can finally break the muzzle,dismiss my restrictions
lean to the power of my own convictions.

And while the weight of the world
may be about to crush my spirit,
baring its teeth,
and making damn sure I fear it
I'll say bring it on with every syllable I sing
let me know that I'M A VOICE WORTH SILENCING.

Cuz you can say that global change is too hard to conceive
And raise a gun to anyone who's heart is on their sleeve
But I will never quiet down, I will not walk away,
I will always refuse, because I still believe.

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